Our body is our Instrument, the Temple where Lives Our Being, Our Essence, Our Sole.

Within it are recorded all our life experiences, our potentials, our dreams, blockages, wounds, fears, as well as the innate wisdom to heal ourselves.

Acupuncture is a comprehensive system that seeks to promote Physical and Mental Well-Being through the Permanent Balance of Vital Energy Flows.

The Benefits of seeing a painful act as part of the process of life, as a message or a challenge rather than a personal betrayal.
The vital energy flows back to the energy circuits of the physical body. Releasing the past, leaving stressful jobs or inappropriate relationships, are actions that sustain the body’s energy.
Refusing to forgive an event or a person from the past produces energetic outflows from the body; Forgiveness eases such outflows. Forgiveness is not about to stop blaming others for the caused wounds; It has more to do with “freeing ourselves from the perception of being a victim”.

Healing Requires Action.

Eat properly, exercise daily, be aware of our thoughts and if these are negative, make the decision to change them. Take proper treatment generates healthy physical changes.

Acupuncture Helps You Align Your Energy, Loosen Sorrowful Processes, and Change Your Focus Perception Approach. Feeling Happier and Healthier.


Presenting Judith Martínez Sánchez.
Studies: Graduated from the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine 1998-2001 Nei Jing.
International Congresses of Acupuncture in Spain, Turkey, Israel, India, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

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