Acupuncturist Judith Martínez

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Graduated from the Training School in Oriental Techniques Nei jing,  Judith Martínez has over 19 years of experience. The school has more than 25 branches around the world and its headquarters are located in Cuenca, Spain led by Dr. Jose Luis Padilla Corral.

She has taken numerous international conferences in Mexico, Spain, Turkey, India, Brazil and Colombia.

She has attended Aesthetic Acupuncture seminars with Dr. Juan Jose Sánchez of the Nei Jing Foundation in Caracas, Venezuela.

Other specializations:

  • 2009 Yoga-therapy teacher – International Federation of Yoga. With Swami Ma Saktiananda.
  • 2019: Aryuveda Massage – Aryuveda International School.
  • 2013: Tui Na Massage – Professional School of Body Therapy and SPA Services, taught by instructor Sean Jordan.
  • Nature-oriented tourist guide courses with the idea of integrating nature walks with specific themes and quality in tourism.

Training Courses


“Science, Art and Religion”

Pozo Amargo, Spain


“The Immortality of the Alchemy”

Oaxtepec, Mexico


“Healing Humanism”

Seville, Spain


“The Consecration of the Desert Spirit of the Negev”



“The Reconciliation of the Spirit”

Pamukkale, Turkey


“The Redemption of the Spirit”

Varanasi, India


“Sacred Dances and Mitú Self-Massage”

Vaupes, Colombia


“Femenine Inspiration”

Cancun, Mexico

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