The effectiveness of Acupuncture is notorious as an analgesic, anesthetic and antispasmodic.

Acupuncture may be applied in a large number of conditions, good reason to start with individual treatment as soon as possible. This will allow studying and developing a treatment designed specifically for you.

Acupuncture is primarily used to relieve discomfort associated with various diseases and conditions, including:

  • Acute and chronic rheumatic pain
  • Pain in muscles, stomach, intestine, uterus
  • Neuralgia: sciatica, intercostal, trigeminanal
  • Spasms, contractures, cramps, tics
  • Traumatic pain: sprains, sprains, bruises
  • Headaches and migraines

It is worth mentioning that through acupuncture, the individual can be helped to delay the signs of old age and reduce the lines of expression without resorting to surgery or aggressive treatments.

Acupuncture also acts as a regulator and balancer of the central and peripheral nervous system.

To make an appointment you can call or send a message to the number: 987 102 0418

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Place for treatment: 4th St #633, between Pedro Joaquin C (30th St) and 35Av, Col 10 de abril. ZC 77622 (Confirmation required)

Regular price: $1200 pesos
Price for locals: $800 pesos (presenting ID)
Duration: One hour

Some of the Patients in Acupuntura Cozumel

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beneficios de la acupuntura

How is the process in acupuncture sessions?

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To Start

The first session is to learn about the discomforts that want to be treated, as well as the person’s lifestyle.

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First Sessions

We begin the personalized treatment, the first 3 sessions are in consecutive days for better results

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Subsequent Sessions

Subsequent sessions are recommended each week and so they will be spaced as time goes by.

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It is advisable to have a balanced diet as well as mental and physical exercise to begin to align our lives in every aspect.

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